Swine Flu Preparations Going Into Full Swing

A drawing of a pig decorates the door of a lab where samples ...

A drawing of a pig decorates the door of a lab where samples are tested for the H1N1 swine flu virus at the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Baltimore, September 3, 2009.REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

2000 sick with swine flu at Washington State University…

Unless you’re living under a rock it is apparent the CDC, Federal Health Services, and local health administrations are watching what happens during this flu season and the impact of the swine flu. The federal government is already producing a vaccine for the swine flu and will be available in October for the general public. President Obama and the federal government are not sitting back as the flu season begins in earnest with the beginning of the school term. Health administers are in contact with local officials,schools, and colleges.

This is a mean flu strain but the most vulnerable are the sick, very young, elderly, and people with serious medical conditions. It’s projected that 90,000 Americans may die from the H1N1 virus this season. There are already reports of students in some schools where the virus has spread but for the most part no reports of death.

 The main thing is to use precautions such as how to cough, wash hands, and if you are sick stay home. There are already anti viral drugs that are effective treating the symptoms but mass use of these anti viral drugs could be a detriment against future strains. Watch your children, the elderly, and anyone that is bed ridden or has other serious medical conditions they are the most vulnerable to the new H1N1 ‘Swine Flu’ 2009.


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