Gettin It Done:Healthcare Reform

US President Barack Obama departs the White House in Washington, ...

President Obama Needs To Lay A Path For Healthcare Reform…

President Obama will address a joint session of Congress  Wednesday Sept.9 . As we’ve seen deep entrenchment  from republicans to any government public option in which the federal government would provide affordable healthcare insurance in the marketplace. The republicans in the House and Senate have drove their heels in the ground and don’t appear to want to compromise either out of ideological reasons or for partisan political reasons. On the other hand liberals and progressives are very upset that healthcare legislation will be watered down and will not provide the choices that real reform would manifest once a public option is offered to the general public.

One thing is for certain most Americans on both side of the fence agree that something has to happen. We cant continue to treat all of our uninsured at the emergency room and thus hospitals absorb more and more costs that are passed down to the insurance companies and taxpayers. The biggest contention for reforming healthcare is  paying for it. I think President Obama and Congress have to do a better job showing that reform will save money for taxpayers and that it can be paid for without adding further taxes on the middle class and ballooning the federal deficit.

Another large contention for getting Healthcare reform done this year is the economy. People are afraid these days about their jobs and getting a job. Many people are discouraged about the healthcare debate because the economy has ravaged through every city and county in America. Some people want to wait till the American economy is firing on all cylinders and people are feeling more secure in the workplace.

In all President Obama has to get more specific and lay a path for his vision for healthcare reform that will provide choice, affordability, and access. Whether this is in the form of a public option or some alternative entity bottom line for this Obama supporter getting something, rather than nothing, is no option.




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