So Goes The Market, So Goes McCain\’s Campaign…

Updated graphic on the latest opinion polls. Obama is gaining ground. After a lackluster debate, John McCain now has less than four weeks to turn the race for the White House around, as observers began to wonder aloud whether the Republican who once dubbed himself the comeback kid can win.(AFP/Graphic)

Recent polls have been showing a staggering movement to Obama ever since the Economic Crisis began surfacing three weeks ago. With President Bush joking about Wall Street has a hangover 4 months ago in which he and the administration were the bartenders. Even Sen. John McCain\’s chief economic adviser Phil Graham said \”The economic problems are just in your head\” shows a disconnect that many voters see from everyday Americans. Here is a composite by RealClearPolitics of the latest battleground state polls…

Battleground States Obama McCain Spread
Colorado 49.3 45.3 Obama +4.0
Ohio 48.8 45.7 Obama +3.1
Florida 48.5 45.4 Obama +3.1
Nevada 49.6 46.6 Obama +3.0
Missouri 47.4 47.8 McCain +0.4
Virginia 50.0 44.9 Obama +5.1
All Battleground States | Senate Polls | Latest Polls

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