Sen. McCain Pulls The Plug On Michigan…

Battleground States Obama McCain Spread
Colorado 49.0 44.6 Obama +4.4
Ohio 48.0 46.0 Obama +2.0
Florida 48.6 45.6 Obama +3.0
Pennsylvania 49.9 42.0 Obama +7.9
Missouri 46.8 48.5 McCain +1.7
Virginia 49.0 46.6 Obama +2.4

Senator McCain and Gov. Palin are reeling from the current national and battleground polls. Just yesterday his campaign announced they were pulling all of its TV Ads and other campaigning events out of Michigan. RealClearPolitics has Obama beating McCain by 7 points Michigan (17) this has caused McCain to stir more energy and money into closer battles like Florida, Missouri, and Ohio. In the last three weeks McCain has been loseing ground in places like Pennsylvania, Florida,Virginia, and North Carolina. Another part of the Country McCain is facing difficulties are out west in Colorado and Nevada. We have only one month till the elections and these trends if they continue are looking real good for an Obama Presidency…

McCain\’s pullout has Michigan Republicans worried

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., stops to shake hands with school children at Springfield Township Elementary school in Springfield Township, Pa. Friday, Oct. 3, 2008.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

White House hopeful Barack Obama(R), seen here with his wife Michelle in September 2008, brought his motorcade to a halt Friday to dash out and buy flowers on his 16th wedding anniversary prior to a \”romantic dinner.\”(AFP/File/Emmanuel Dunand)



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