No Accountability, No Bailout for Wall Street…

US Democratic presidential candidate Illinois Senator Barack Obama delivers a policy speech at the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Obama Monday warned the Wall Street meltdown was no mere \”accident of history\” but proved the need for sweeping change to purge the waste and abuse staining US politics.(AFP/Emmanuel Dunand)

I believe that if there is any help by the taxpayers to Wall Street it needs to have sharp teeth $700 Billion worth. For instance any package bailout that is put together should fund a special FBI task force that go after the people who managed to skirt, fraud, and put together trilllions of dollars of the most expensive mortgage scheme in American history. If it wasn\’t for many of the retirement funds and mutual funds that millions of working people pay into and will be affected if Wall Street takes a sharp downturn i\’d say NO BAILOUT.

A man walks past an electronic board showing the shares index at a securities company in Chengdu, in China\’s southwestern province of Sichuan. Share prices tumbled in Europe and Asia Tuesday but held firm on Wall Street, with investors still anxious about a critical US financial bailout now caught in political crossfire in Congress.(AFP/Liu Jin)

I can imagine now thousands of people who made there money when the mortgage frenzy was in high gear are sitting on a beach somewhere laughing at all of us taxpayers. I hope the FBI gets serious and i pray there are some tough judges that aren\’t going to play around when some of these folks are identified and held accountable.


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