Out of Touch…McCain/Palin

US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama arrives at a townhall meeting at McConell Center in Dover, New Hampshire. Obama ripped into 72-year-old John McCain as an out-of-touch economic illiterate who had slept through the Internet revolution as war resumed on the White House trail Friday.(AFP/Emmanuel Dunand)

How can you talk about change and yet you continue to push the same buttons… McCain can\’t even understand how the economy works much less send a simple email…Are we moving ahead or are we stepping way back? The only thing I hear McCain talk about is Iraq-Iraq-Iraq…now that\’s important because we spend 10 billion there year after year on infrastructure and the Iraqi economy yet, the American economy is nearer to the bottom on McCain/ Palin to do list…





Hurricane Mighty IKE

This NOAA satellite image taken Friday, September 12, 2008 at 3:15 PM EDT shows clouds associated with Hurricane Ike just off the coast of Texas. The storm will make landfall later today near Galveston and Houston with devastating force. Extensive damage from wind and rain is expected as a storm surge may top 20 feet. A line of clouds extending from the Plains through the Northeast is associated with a frontal system that is producing considerable precipitation.(AP Photo/Weather Underground)

Many Texans have not evacuated from areas that may be prone to flooding and this Hurricane will have a hefty water surge and flooding. Predictions are as high as above 20 feet that can be devastating for thousands that have not heeded evacuation warnings. Hopefully Sunday morning we don\’t wake up to the next \”Day After\”…


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