Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill., speaks during a rally at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, S.D. Sunday, June 1, 2008.(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Only three contests left Montana, South Dakota, and #2118 Delegate. It\’s been one heck of a campaign and whatever happens Hillary Clinton and her campaign should be recognized and commended. Although her popular vote count total* is questionable she certainly garners alot of respect. In the end though for Hillary a master politician who was doomed by poor strategy and inside turmoil that couldn\’t hold it\’s center. Barack Obama brought a positive message and a new vitality of enthusiam that people have been missing for a long time and that message resinated from its core campaign and grew and grew. Now we\’re at the end of the race with both Montana and South Dakota Primaries voting tomorrow and then the last contest the delegate math is the only thing left and that all important #2118. Who will be #2118 that will catapult the first and only African American or non white that has ever been this far and this close to winning the White House.

I do hope the Clinton campaign recognizes over the past 15 months duing the campaign they have touted that the person who got the magic number of delegates would be the winner. Howard Wolfson, Terry McAuliffe, and Hillary Clinton have been on numerous shows on tv and print media and said that whoever got the delegates would win. I think Harold Ickes bumped his head the other day.

Finally John McCain who in the end will wish he never heard the name George Walker Bush or Iraq and most importantly is so out of touch with ordinary people on healthcare costs and coverages, gas prices and economics…Let the battle begin!



VIDEO: Barack at the Corn Palace



Rally with Barack and Michelle Obama

Xcel Energy Center ST. PAUL, MN

Turn the lights on, crank up the Stevie Wonder, and Get Fired Up!! The Xcel Energy Center is where the Republicans are having there 2008 Convention. I guess we\’ll have to break things in right……lol



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