What Happened…

A file photo of former White House spokesman Scott McClellan at a White House briefing in Washington, DC, in April last year. A former White House spokesman has charged that President George W. Bush was not \”open and forthright on Iraq\” and relied on \”propaganda\” to sell the war in a new memoir, US media has reported.(AFP/File/Jim Watson)

Welcome to McClellan\’s SHOCK AND AWE…


Exclusive: McClellan whacks Bush, White House


I\’ll tell you what happened. Since 2002 I have argued till blue in the face with friends and family about the run up to the Iraq Invasion. On September 12, 2002 I watched President Bush give his speech to the United Nations Assembly in New York City and from that moment I knew we had already invaded Iraq. There was no mistaking that President Bush was hell bent to finish his Fathers job George Herbert Walker Bush a decade earlier. After that speech the administration and the republicans continued to stoke the fire and went after the UN weapons inspectors and continued to downplay there assessment that no WMD\’s were in Iraq. Day after day the war drums got louder and louder and by January of 2003 the inspectors were recalled out of Iraq and then the weakest case for war ever made was given by then Secretary of State Colin Powell who tried to use all the circumstantial evidence that the CIA and National Security Advisers could show at the UN emergency meeting. There was no Ambassador Adlai Stevenson moment and the smoking gun was never delivered just 2nd and 3rd hand collaborated information and innuendos.

Also a day after this country\’s worst natural disaster Hurricane Katrina 24 hrs later President Bush gave a speech in Arizona. The next day 48 hrs later we could see the clear break down by local officials to get a handle of the situation in New Orleans the President took a trip to San Diego to give another speech on Iraq. It would be a week before this President woke up and decided to use the military for humanitarian help to what was left of New Orleans and the affected gulf coast region. President Bush at times seems not attuned to the people nor his detractors during this country\’s most difficult times. He puts up a shield and ignores the calls for reason and commands the White House as a War President a title he seems to totally embrace.

Former Press Secretary Scott McClellan new book “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception” just underscores the President and his administrations use of propaganda and the highest office to go to war on false pretenses and the complete failure of the post Katrina Hurricane Disaster.

Now, Sen. John McCain is running and although he tries to distance himself from President Bush Sen. John McCain pretty much rode shotgun the last seven years and stood by the President during Katrina and the Invasion of Iraq. Thats not the kind of Government we want the next 4 to 8 years and \”Change\” really means \”Change\”!


June 1st


June 3rd



The End…


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