Sen. Barack Obama to Give Commencement Address…

The June 2, 2008 issue of Newsweek (on newsstands Monday, May 26), \’Obama, Race and Us\’ offers Barack Obama advice on overcoming racial issues and convincing doubters that he would be the best candidate for the presidency. The cover package also includes essays on what motivates voters and why race is still a factor. Plus: A look at John McCain\’s health records; the discrimination lawsuit against the Secret Service; the growing popularity of wellness coaches and David Byrne\’s new instrument.(PRNewsFoto/NEWSWEEK)


Wesleyan University

Sen. Ted Kennedy was supposed to give the commencement address today at Wesleyan University in Connecticut but since being diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this week he asked Barack Obama to deliver the address today.

Video: Senator Obama\’s Wesleyan Commencement Address

Great speech, It\’s days like this that in the moment you sense history unfolding in front of your eyes…Barack Obama spoke about service to one\’s country and the importance to give back to society and enrich the lives of others and at the sametime enriching yours.


June 1st

June 3rd

The End…


Just a side note…

NASA\’s Phoenix Mars Lander arrives to the planet today around 7:00 pm est. hopefully all goes well on the landing .

Phoenix Mars Lander Teaser


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