Energy Anaylsts Predicting $12-$15 a Gallon of Gas…

A gas station employee changes the numbers on a price display in San Francisco on May 19. Oil prices headed towards a record high of 130 dollars a barrel on anxiety about stretched supplies in the face of strong demand for energy.(AFP/Getty Images/File/Justin Sullivan)

Well if you don\’t hear the bells tolling by now you apparently can afford to pay whatever price it is for a gallon of gas. Otherwise, for the rest of us life as we knew it for the last 50 years is about to change. Analysts are calling this the good ole days with gas hovering at $4.00 a gallon and are predicting we will see in the near future gas rising higher and higher. That means everything from food at the grocery store to odd and ends at your local discount store will rise with oil.

Unfortunately, the current administration has been asleep at the wheel. Just a few months ago a reporter asked President Bush about $4.00 gallon a gas this Summer and he responded he wasn\’t aware of that. Where is the Energy Secretary do we have one? Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman must be hiding under a desk. The President pleaded with the Saudis last week for more oil and he was sent packing. At least at this point President Bush and Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman could be out at least looking like they are doing something…

\’Squawk Box\’ Guest Warns of $12-15-a-Gallon Gas


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