An \” Unshakable Commitment\” …

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks to supporters during a town hall-style meeting at a synagogue in Boca Raton, Fla. Thursday, May 22, 2008. Obama promised an \’unshakable commitment\’ to Israel if he is elected, and Obama stressed that he would not negotiate with the militant Palestinian group Hamas. (AP Photo by J. Pat Carter)

Today, Barack Obama spoke in a Boca Raton Synagogue and assured Jewish voters that if he is elected there would be an \”Unshakable Commitment\” in defending Israel. This comes on the heels obviously as President Bush last week tried to trash Obama in the Israeli Knesset. Here are some points outlined by Obama from his Issues web page on Israel:

On Israel

  • Ensure a Strong U.S.-Israel Partnership: Barack Obama strongly supports the U.S.-Israel relationship, believes that our first and incontrovertible commitment in the Middle East must be to the security of Israel, America\’s strongest ally in the Middle East. Obama supports this closeness, stating that that the United States would never distance itself from Israel.
  • Support Israel\’s Right to Self Defense: During the July 2006 Lebanon war, Barack Obama stood up strongly for Israel\’s right to defend itself from Hezbollah raids and rocket attacks, cosponsoring a Senate resolution against Iran and Syria\’s involvement in the war, and insisting that Israel should not be pressured into a ceasefire that did not deal with the threat of Hezbollah missiles. He believes strongly in Israel\’s right to protect its citizens.
  • Support Foreign Assistance to Israel: Barack Obama has consistently supported foreign assistance to Israel. He defends and supports the annual foreign aid package that involves both military and economic assistance to Israel and has advocated increased foreign aid budgets to ensure that these funding priorities are met. He has called for continuing U.S. cooperation with Israel in the development of missile defense systems.


RALLY FRIDAY! Barack Obama in Sunrise, FL


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