Ever So Close…

US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) takes the stage with his daughters, Sasha (L) and Malia (2nd L), and his wife Michelle (rear) at his Oregon and Kentucky primary election night rally in Des Moines, Iowa, May 20, 2008.(John Gress/Reuters)

With a total of 1957 total delegates pledged and supers Obama only needs 69 more to lock up the nomination as it currently stands. Obama nows leads Clinton by 182 total delegates and thus she needs over 200 total delegates for the nomination but, she has trailed in the race the whole time in pledged delegates. I\’m sure Clinton wishes she could do the month of Febuary over in which she lost 11 straight contests. I do hope the supers continue to come out and pledge their vote for Obama and we can cross the nomination line and begin to come together to beat John McCain in November.

Democrats Obama-Clinton Spread
Total Delegates 1957 – 1775 Obama + 182
Super Delegates 305 – 279 Obama + 26
Pledged Delegates 1652 – 1496 Obama + 156
Popular Vote 49 – 47.7 Obama +1.3
Popular Vote (w/FL) 48.2 – 47.8 Obama +0.4
Nat\’l RCP Average 52.2 – 39.4 Obama +12.8


Obama heads to Florida and his first real campaign stop since the penalties handed down by the DNC.


Video: Obama\’s Remarks in Des Moines


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