Clintons try to use race as a wedge issue…

It is absurd for Hillary Clinton to lay claim to blue collar white voters and insinuate that Obama cannot get their vote in the general election in November. I referenced this in my Wednesday blog but I didn\’t explain why Obama should make more strides with blue collar whites in West Virginia. First off the Clinton Campaign is geared its energy and efforts towards more conservative social issues like gun rights for instance and an aggressive foreign policy stance like her statements about Iran and obliterating them if they attacked Israel. Bill Clinton is holding rallies on the back of pickup trucks and standing in front of antebellum homes and talking and acting like Bubba on steroids. This type of campaigning is going to attract so called \”Reagan Democrats\” for instance Hillary Clinton goes to bars in Pennsylvania and else where and swigs whiskey shots. She tried the \”Gas Gimmick\” and other political ploys solely to win white blue collar voters. It is no wonder she is stronger among the demographic in certain states but, not all states.

There are blue collar whites in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Missouri, and all the other states Obama has won. This is not about race this is just plain politics and the same blue collar democrats who are voting for Hillary now in the primaries are voting on bread and butter issues and there wallets and pocket books and when November comes around and they stand in the booth they may not have supported Obama during the nomination race but they will vote Obama because bottom line he is going to deliver on Healthcare, tax relief for the middle class, and ending the Iraq War responsibly.

Again this comes down to campaigning and rallying your base this is not about race and whether white voters will vote Obama. The Clintons campaign style is reflective in the votes she is getting in SOME states. Barack Obama is running a more inclusive campaign and is rallying all demographics not just one group or constituency.


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