It\’s Change, Baby !!

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., center in white, arrives at a rally in Bloomington, Ind., Wednesday, April 30, 2008. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Why do I want a change? I don\’t want another Clinton or Bush in the White House. I want new leadership that is not so entrenched with the oil companies or China like Clinton and Bush are. Bill Clinton has significant financial ties to the Middle East just like Bush and Cheney. If the Clinton\’s fool the American electorate and are nominated it\’s Status Quo nothing changes the same special interests are in favor to the Clinton\’s and Bush and life in Washington returns to business as usual.

With all the corruption the Clinton\’s have brought to the White House in the nineties they are still very capable to look in a camera and say ANYTHING with no recourse. How can we nominate a candidate \”Hillary Clinton\” who will go to any length to what she wants at all costs. Are we pawns? Are we pieces on a board to be trifled with and scoffed at? Both Clinton\’s are playing a game. Bill Clinton is playing the bad cop wagging his finger and making accusations against the Obama campaign that are untrue. For example last night he wagged his finger and told people the Iowa Caucus is basically a farce and other Caucus states should not be trusted yet, the votes in Michigan and Florida represent the true sense of the electorate. Hillary Clinton is lying through her teeth right now. She states she has more of the popular vote that\’s because the caucus states should not be counted, How ridicules is that? Hillary wants Michigan and Florida to count although she agreed last year that the votes there would not count because of moving there primary dates. Now the votes in Michigan and Florida count more than the people who played fair and participated in Iowa, Washington, Nebraska, and other caucus states. Bill Clinton calls them republican states and they are not important. Well, Bill Clinton those were registered democrats who came out even if they are outnumbered by republicans and voted for the candidate that would be the best nominee for the democratic party. I can\’t wait till the convention in Denver and how are the Clinton\’s going to stand on the podium and look at all those states and there delegates and call them not important…

Change in this election is a new direction from the War in Iraq.A war that should not have been waged and was authorized and supported by Hillary Clinton and to this day will not admit her mistake although a third of the country didn\’t believe it was right. Change to honest leadership that we\’ll tackle the hard issues and still be true to the interests of the public not the special few. Barack Obama can bring several forms of positive change to the White House and an opportunity to bring peace and a safer world for all of us. Its time for new diplomacy around the world to strengthen bonds with old allies and to rebuild our standing with countries around the world that have become disillusioned by our current foreign policy.

Stand For Real Change! Don\’t be disillusioned by the snake oil pitch that the Clinton\’s are wageing…

Here\’s an article from politcal. com that touches on inconsistances that the Clintons are playing to the American electorate…

Clinton playing by her own set of rules


The Truth about Gas Prices


I am planning on being there…Lets Get Out The Vote!

Barack Obama in Charlotte, NC

Join Barack Obama at a Get Out The Vote Rally in Charlotte on Friday, May 2nd.

Get Out The Vote Rally with Barack Obama

Cricket Arena
2700 E. Independence Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28205

Friday, May 2nd, 2008
Doors Open: 3:30 p.m.
Program Begins: 5:30 p.m.


Stand Up For Real Change, Vote for Barack Obama!



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