Big Sky Country \”Montana\”, Barack Obama stumps in Missoula and Butte Today…

Barack Obama holds a rally in Missoula today and then travels to Butte to address the Mansfield-Metcalf dinner in the state of Montana.

Montana holds it\’s primary June 3rd and is one of the last states to vote in the 2008 Democratic race. How amazing it would be if the whole race hinged on the last state to vote June 3rd? It\’s just amazing to see how this whole Democratic race has unfolded this year.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stand for Change Rally
with Barack Obama

in Missoula, Montana

Here\’s some news from the campaign trail…

Lively Fort Wayne crowd greets Obama

Ohio Hospital Contests a Story Clinton Tells

Clinton Aide Apologizes for Colombia Trade Meeting

Tax returns show Clintons got rich quick

Bill Clinton Earned $15.4 Million From Burkle Firm Since 2003

$18 million dollars unaccounted for…

Clinton revives Bosnia embarrassment for laughs (I don\’t think the people of Bosnia find it very funny)


Current delegate count from

Democrats Obama-Clinton Spread
Total Delegates 1635 – 1503 Obama + 132
Pledged Delegates 1414 – 1252 Obama + 162
Popular Vote 49.5 – 46.9 Obama +2.6
Popular Vote (w/FL) 48.5 – 47.1 Obama +1.4
Nat\’l RCP Average 47.6 – 42.4 Obama +5.2
Pennsylvania 41.4 – 48.0 Clinton +6.6
North Carolina 49.8 – 37.8 Obama +12.0


Pennsylvania \”Road to Change\” Wrap Up Video
By Caitlin Harvey – Apr 4th, 2008 at 3:07 pm EDT


4/22 – Pennsylvania (158)

5/3 – Guam (4)

5/6 – Indiana (72) North Carolina (115)

5/13 – West Virginia (28)

5/20 – Kentucky (51) Oregon (52)

6/3 – Montana (16) South Dakota (15)

6/7 – Puerto Rico (55)



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