Obama Kicks Off A Six Day Bus Tour Thru Pennsylvania!

Sen. Barack Obama, left, and Democrat Bob Casey Jr. right, greet supporters after talking with campaign volunteers working for Casey\’s campaign to unseat Republican Sen. Rick Santorum in Pittsburgh, Pa. on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2006. Obama is expected to gain the endorsement of Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Friday March 28, 2008. Casey\’s support could help Obama make inroads among Catholic voters. Catholics constitute more than 30 percent of the state.(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic, FILE)

Barack Obama is not conceding Pennsylvania without a fight although recent polls show Obama trailing Clinton by double digits. Barack Obama is kicking off a six day tour thru Pennsylvania beginning today in Pittsburgh. Also, Sen Bob Casey of Pennsylvania will be coming on board and officially endorsing Obama. Pennsylvania just concluded voter registration and a record 4 million voters will be participating on the April 22nd Primary. That\’s a lot of voters and it shows Pennsylvania voters are energized. Obama has in the past done very well when he was on the ground in a State and campaigned through the smaller towns and hamlets before an election. Although, it\’s an uphill challenge for Obama if he can keep it close in Pennsylvania close the spread and then win in North Carolina and Indiana he will be unstoppable to win the delegate count and thus the support of the superdelegates and the Nomination.

Here\’s a video of Senator Bob Casey endorsing Barack\’s campaign for President this morning in Pittsburgh.

The Pennsylvania Road to Change Kicks Off!

by Caitlin HarveyFriday, March 28, 2008 at 06:48 AM

This morning in Pittsburgh, Barack will kick off his six day \”Road to Change\” bus tour through Pennsylvania with a community event at the Soldiers and Sailors Military Museum and Memorial. Over the course of the “Road to Change” bus tour, Barack will continue his dialogue with voters about the need to change Washington in order to tackle challenges like creating jobs, improving our schools and making health care available to every American.

We\’ve designed a special blog to follow this bus tour, which you can find here:



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