Hillary Clinton Exaggerates Sniper Fire Story During A Trip To Bosnia

US Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton speaks at the University of Pennsylvania. Clinton\’s boasts of national security experience were under the spotlight as aides rowed back from her claim that life-threatening sniper fire disrupted a 1990s trip to Bosnia.(AFP/GETTY IMAGES/William Thomas Cain)

In order to juice up her story about visiting Bosnia in 1996 Hillary said she was under sniper fire at the airport and that she had to be whisked away to a firebase for her protection. She is trying to portray herself as a first lady that has been under fire and in the trenches so to speak. Perhaps, the best story to tell is a scenario that you can convey that illustrates your toughness and that your a fearless leader in the heat of battle. Unfortunately, the whole story is a fabrication Hillary Clinton was not under direct fire at the airport and neither were her companions . They were met on the tarmac by a little girl representative and other local leaders before going on a dog and pony show of the military base there in Bosnia.

CBS Exposes Hillary Clinton Bosnia Trip.


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