Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill., walks down the stairs on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, March 13, 2008.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Barack Obama is holding a Town Hall Meeting In Indiana Today and the Obama website announced that their are no more tickets left for the event today. You can watch live beginning at 2:00pm eastern time. WATCH THE EVENT LIVE AT THIS LINK —) http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/frontpage

  • 2:20 pmWATCH LIVE HERE
  • Barack Obama attends a town hall meeting in Plainfield, Indiana

  • Hoosiers eagerly await Obama visit
    By Mary Beth Schneider
    March 15, 2008

    PLAINFIELD, Ind. — Several hundred Hoosiers lined up in the cold fog this morning eager to get front-row seats to see Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama.

    Obama is making his first Indiana campaign stop today with a town-hall meeting at Plainfield High School as he tries to win Indiana\’s 72 electoral votes up for grabs in the May 6 primary election. He\’s locked in a tight nationwide contest with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who will be visiting several Indiana cities on Thursday. Details of her visit have yet to be released by her campaign.

    Indiana\’s primary election usually is irrelevant, with the nominations of both parties sewn up long before Hoosiers cast their votes. This year, though, neither Obama nor Clinton has the 2,025 delegates needed to claim the nomination, and Indiana\’s votes, while not decisive, will matter.

    That has electrified many voters here, and the 2,000 free tickets to today\’s Obama event were snatched up in only a half-hour or so after they became available on the Internet.

    One of those who got a ticket — and was so excited that he was the first person waiting to get into the Plainfield High School gymnasium — was Tim Durham of Indianapolis.

    Durham isn\’t your typical Democratic supporter. His grandfather is Republican Beurt SerVaas, the former president of the City-County Council.

    Durham, wearing an \”Obama 2008\” T-shirt he had made for this occasion, said he arrived at 5:45 a.m. The 17-year-old said he had wanted to camp out outside the high school overnight but was turned away by security.

    The Park Tudor High School junior will be able to vote in both the primary and the general election because he turns 18 on May 16. Anyone who is 18 before the general election can vote in both.

    Though his family roots are Republican, Durham said, he is inspired by Obama.

    \”I like how he tries to bring everybody together,\” he said.

    Also arriving early to see Obama was Leona Glazebrooks, a government teacher at Warren Central High School. She was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Boston, where Obama solidified his rising star status with his keynote address. Now, she hopes to win a spot as a delegate to August\’s national convention in Denver and cast her vote for Obama.

    Glazebrooks said the decision to back him wasn\’t easy at first. She has long wanted to see either a woman or a minority leading her party\’s ticket, and this year she was faced with the choice of both.

    But, she said, she settled on Obama in part because of the enthusiasm she saw in her students for him.

    \”I felt like he was bringing and inspiring a lot of non-voters,\” she said. \”He is changing the paradigm of the election.\”


  • 4/22 – Pennsylvania (158)

  • 5/3 – Guam (4)

    5/6 – Indiana (72) North Carolina (115)

    5/13 – West Virginia (28)

    5/20 – Kentucky (51) Oregon (52)

    6/3 – Montana (16) South Dakota (15)

    6/7 – Puerto Rico (55)





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