Barack Obama Is In Columbus and Jackson, MISSISSIPPI TODAY!

Polls open in Mississippi in less than 48 hours, and right now supporters across the state are going block by block to talk to people in their community to Get Out the Vote for Barack.

The Mississippi Primary is tomorrow and Barack Obama will be campaigning in the State today rallying support. Mississippi hasn\’t had this much attention since Hurricane Katrina and now a Political Hurricane rolls in between to fronts Obama and Clinton. Mississippi has 33 delegates up for stake and all indications are a heavy turnout tomorrow.

Over the weekend the Clintons have suggested that they would like to be Barack Obama\’s running mate. It\’s nice to see Hillary Clinton is so enthusiastic to be vice-president but, I\’d wait to hear from Obama and find out who is on his short list. Who knows the Clintons maybe somewhere at the bottom of that list for all I know…lol…

Democrats Obama/ Clinton
Total Delegates 1588 1465
Pledged Delegates 1378 1223
Popular Vote 13,000,655 12,411,705
Popular Vote (w/FL) 13,576,869 13,282,691
National RRCPAverage 46.3% 44.8%
Pennsylvania 35.8% 47.5%
North Carolina 47.3%


Delegate Count

(2,025 Needed to Win)

Mississippi PRIMARY


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