Barack Obama rides into Wyoming today to Fire Up Supporters and carry his message of \”Real Change\”. He\’ll be in Casper and Laramie today holding a town hall meeting and rally. It has to be an historical moment for Wyoming democrats and the excitement of the Obama campaign taking the fight to Wyoming against Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Video: Obama Responds to Clinton\’s attacks in Casper, Wyoming

Hillary \”The Monster\” Clinton and Politics of Destruction…

Sad news today that Samantha Powers an adviser to Obama has resigned because she called Sen. Hillary Clinton a monster. Well, she was right Sen. Hillary \”The Monster\”Clinton and her campaign will say and do anything to be President and after witnessing the tactics of personal destruction first hand in South Carolina.

The Clinton\’s and her campaign have tried to insinuate Obama is a Muslim when he\’s a Christian. They have tried to portray Obama as a drug addict because Obama admitted publicly he had experimented with drugs as a youth but, he has admitted it was a mistake and once he reached college stopped those indiscretions. They had Robert Johnson founder of \”BET\” come out and insinuate something more of Obama\’s youthful indescretions and Mark Penn live on MSNBC. Bill Clinton once called the Obama supporters and campaign a \”fairy tale\”. They have tried to accuse Obama as having done something wrong because a donor Tony Rezko a businessman is under indictment for shady business dealings although it has nothing to do with Obama. They hit Obama on NAFTA just because an adviser may or may have not have tried to assure Canada that amendments to NAFTA may or may not have to be done and, how that affects Canada. Bologna, The Clinton\’s are the founders and signers of NAFTA how they turned the mess of loss jobs due to NAFTA and frame it as a Canada-Obama scandal boggles the mind. There are scores of emails froth with deception. Many rival politicians over the years have ran against The Clinton\’s and have come under the same type of attacks all smoke and no fire, baseless accusations, and deceit.

America is this what we want? It was a dog and pony show in the 1990\’s when The Clinton\’s ushered in the largest majorty of Conservatives to Congress in modern history 1996 due to Clinton politics. Now, Over and over a pattern of deceit, denial ,and deception have followed the Clinton\’s. I just hope America is ready to move on and bring in openness,fairness, and unity back to the Democratic Party or we are sure to see more Clinton tactics that practices scorched earth politics in which we all get burnt…


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