Obama Still Holds Big Lead In Delegates…

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama takes questions at a town hall meeting at the American GI Forum in San Antonio, Texas, March 3, 2008.(Jim Young/Reuters)

Next Contests:

March 8th


March 11th


Senator Hillary Clinton congratulations you had a good night and won Ohio and Rhode Island decisive. But, she lost Vermont and in Texas only 3% separates the two, the Texas caucus currently Obama is ahead. In net total Sen. Clinton got 20 more delegates but she still trails Obama by about 130 pledged delegates and there aren\’t many States left and the ones that are she needs to win by 20% or more votes to catch up in delegates.

The Clinton\’s seem to do well when they are able to pick and choose where they want to make a stand but, in the overall race she shoots blanks. Next is Wyoming and Mississippi and the race continues for delegates lets see how Sen. Clinton does this coming March 8th in Wyoming and March 11th at the Mississippi primary.

Right now Obama leads in States won, the popular vote, and pledged delegates. The burden is on Hillary Clinton to win , not just a few big states here and there is going to cut it when the Super Delegates decide. She has to prove she can beat Obama in a caucus or a Mississippi or North Carolina primary. It\’s nice when you comfortably believe one State like Pennsylvania is the only contest left.

So, Senator Hillary Clinton you have MOMENTUM lets see you win the next two WYOMING and MISSISSIPPI…

Democrats Obama Clinton
Total Delegates 1542 1447
Pledged Delegates 1340 1206
Popular Vote 12,946,615 12,363,897
Popular Vote (w/FL) 13,522,829 13,234,883
National RCP Average 47.3% 43.0%
Pennsylvania 37.0% 46.0%

totals from http://www.realclearpolitics.com/

March 8th


March 11th



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