Obama Hit By The Perfect Storm…

Those last 48 hrs up to the primaries Tuesday, Obama was hit from the The Clinton\’s and the Media…

First, Hillary Clinton at the 11th hr hit Obama on Rezko,NAFTA, and the 3am phone call. All day Monday and Tuesday Clinton surrogates perpetuated the allegations and gained as much traction as the major news agencies would give them. It is a pretty effective but deceitful tactic to hit someone when there not able to retort back effectively on the eve of an election.

Second, The media, just picked up the Clinton talking points Monday and like a bull horn amplified the Clinton attacks on Obama. Over and over Monday and Tuesday Clinton surrogates came on cable news and hit Obama not on issues but unsubstantiated allegations about his association with Tony Rezko and NAFTA. I never saw one pundit question Hillary Clinton about her records which she hasn\’t released.

Finally, the timing of both the Hillary Clinton campaign attacks and allegations and the Media amplifying their message created the perfect storm at the 11th hr that I believe disproportionally affected some undecided voters leading into the polls. One thing for certain the Clinton\’s will fight you all the way to the parking lot and you have to be ready to attack them and counter the innuendos and last minute flurries they\’re famous for.


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