Bush/McCain must be rattled…Attack Obama on Iraq

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks with reporters onboard his flight from Austin, Texas to Beaumont, Texas Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008.(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Bush and McCain attacked Obama on Al-Quede and the issue of trying to establish a base in Iraq. Both are convinced American soldiers in large numbers is the only strategy to counter an Al-Quede insurgency in Iraq. Well, why not have Iraqi soldiers attack Al-Quede in their own country. Why not create an army in Iraq that can attack these insurgents and defend their own country at the same time limiting exposure to our own boys. The only strategy McCain talks about is having a long time military presence in Iraq. I would ask Bush/McCain if your so darn worried about Al-Quede establishing a new base in Iraq why in the heck can\’t you destroy it\’s Headquarters in Pakistan. It seems to me if you would get serious about the War on Terror why not cut the head of the snake its command and control and then there would be less of a threat of new Al-Quede bases elsewhere.

President Bush was asked about staggering gas prices reaching $4.00 this Summer at his press conference yesterday. President Bush responded \”I didn\’t know that\”. How out of touch are you Mr. President gas has been rising higher and higher at record rates for the last couple of years. I just thought that was a stunning admonition on his part by the President and shows the lack of concern by the President on the struggles Americans are having keeping up with the rising costs of keeping fuel in their cars and riding back to and from work.

On the whole, the attacks from McCain and Bush are refreshing and indicate they are rattled by Obama and his sharp contrast to Clinton on Iraq. Bush/McCain are going to shred Clinton on the issue in Iraq because she has a weaker position to stand on. Before she decided to run for President, Hillary Clinton rode shotgun in the bus with Bush going into Iraq and now that bus is stuck on the side of the rode. We currently spend 12 billion a month and are cycling soldiers on there fourth deployment in Iraq. Americans are not looking for indefinite occupation of Iraq they want Iraqis to take over and lead the charge against terrorism in Iraq.

Also, Great job Matt Drudge for exposing Prince Harry\’s position in Afghanistan. All the news agencies that knew Prince Harry was in Afghanistan agreed not to release it because of safety concerns for the Prince and also his men. If the Taliban had been able to pick up on Matt Druges online report they could have pinpointed his location and possibly inflicted terrible carnage trying to kill or capture him. So, pat yourself on the back Matt Drudge if something bad had befallen the prince or his men you could have taken credit for the carnage.


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