Both Barack and Michelle Campaigning in Texas and Ohio…

Supporters look on as Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., makes his address during a rally at the University of Toledo Sunday, Feb. 24, 2008, in Toledo, Ohio.(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Barack Obama is in Ohio and Michelle is in Texas holding round-table discussions and rallies today. Hillary Clinton has just about bet the farm on Texas and Ohio and if she loses one of those States she should be writing her concession speech March 5th. Most states after March 4th look more and more Obama states to win. It\’s going to be harder to see how Hillary can make a case to Superdelegates that she is the most electable when your losing in the delegate count, States, and Popular votes. So lets go TEXAS, OHIO, VERMONT, AND RHODE ISLAND !MARCH 4TH!


Democrats Obama Clinton
Total Delegates 1374 1275
Pledged Delegates 1193 1034
Popular Vote 10,302,582 9,378,355
Popular Vote (w/FL) 10,878,796 10,249,341
National RCP Average 47.0% 42.2%
Ohio 41.0% 49.6%
Texas 46.0% 48.8%
Pennsylvania 33.0% 47.0%

Todays totals from :

On the Obama Campaign Trail…

all times eastern time:

12:30 pm: Barack Obama holds a roundtable on retirement security, followed by a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio

1:15 pm : Michelle Obama holds a \”Stand for Change\” rally in Beaumont, Texas

4:00 pm: Barack Obama holds a \”Keeping America\’s Promise\” rally in Dayton, Ohio

5:00 pm: Michelle Obama holds a \”Stand for Change\” rally in Galveston Island, Texas

7:30 pm:Michelle Obama holds a \”Stand for Change\” rally in Houston, Texas


Mar. 4
Ohio primaries ��� Delegates: 161 Dem
Rhode Island primaries ��� Delegates: 32 Dem
Vermont primaries ��� Delegates: 23 Dems

Texas primaries ��� Delegates: 228 Dems

Wyoming Caucuses March 8th

Mississippi Primary March 11th


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