The Ralph Nader Factor…

is a non factor in this year\’s Presidential Election.

Ralph Nader the champion for consumer rights and environmental causes for decades has now officially entered the 2008 Presidential race again. But this is 2008 and Barack Obama is running for change is already committed to many of the issues that Ralph Nader wants to change. Obviously many of the people who voted in 2000 for Ralph Nader like me \”YES ME\” in 2000 I voted for Nader. Not this time, the change Ralph Nader started and inspired in 2000 I believe has already been picked up by Barack Obama. In 2000 I voted in a State in which Gore didn\’t have chance in winning against Bush but not this year I think just about everyone who was inspired by Nader in 2000 are already on board with Obama and there going all the way this time.


Mar. 4
Ohio primaries — Delegates: 161 Dem
Rhode Island primaries — Delegates: 32 Dem
Texas primaries — Delegates: 228 Dems
Vermont primaries — Delegates: 23 Dems

Wyoming Caucuses March 8th

Mississippi Primary March 11th


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