Hillary Clinton Blows Wind ! Shame on You !

Hillary Clinton attacked Obama today in Ohio because of two fliers that tells the truth about her mandate on healthcare and her support of the North American Free Trade Agreement. It was during Bill Clintons administration that NAFTA was signed into law. Hillary Clinton then the First Lady supported \”NAFTA\” but, since the signing of \” NAFTA\” in 1994 it is estimated that 3 million manufacturing jobs have been lost. So, Hillary Clinton has been running away from \”NAFTA\” in the race trying to distance herself from it. She does not want to be identified with \”NAFTA\” so she is attacking Obama because she doesn\’t want to be associated with the truth.

The second flier just points out the fact that under Hillary\’s plan everyone will be mandated to buy healthcare insurance even if some don\’t want to buy it and if you don\’t buy in you\’ll be penalized and your wages garnished. There are just going to be people that are young or just independent that will resist being forced to buy Hillary\’s healthcare and are going to be dog gone upset that the government is able to punish them by skimming deeper into their paychecks and taking money to fund Hillary\’s plan.


Wyoming Caucuses March 8th


Mississippi Primary March 11th



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