Texas Debate Tonight…

Obama did a really good job tonight. He looked engaged and really put pen to paper on the issues tonight. I noticed twice in the debate Hillary looked stunned by Obama\’s responses. All in all I thought this was Obama\’s best debate. Way to go Barack !

It\’s Game On again.

Tonight both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton debate in Austin, Texas on CNN/UNIVISION. With Obama winning 10 straight primaries and caucuses over the last three weeks Obama needs to be stern yet charming tonight. Hillary Clinton may come at Obama with everything she\’s got in order to trip Obama and his momentum.

I think Obama needs to be charming and engaged but not aggressive tonight. Obama is in a good position in this nomination race and he has campaigned hard. We just don\’t need a Gary Hart – Walter Mondale \”Where\’s The Beef\” moment or Dan Quayle- Lloyd Bentsen \”You\’re no Jack Kennedy\” moment.

Debates in this stage of a political race can help or be a detriment to a campaign. So, tonight I\’ll be watching with anticipation but, a little apprehension.

Go Obama !! Yes We Can !!


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