Obama Starts To Pull Away With Delegates and the Popular Vote…

Map of US showing states won by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Obama pummeled Clinton in Wisconsin and Hawaii, making it 10 wins in a row against his bitter rival in the Democratic White House race.(AFP/Graphic)

After 10 straight victories Barack Obama is now the sure leader in both the delegate count and the overall popular vote. With Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island primaries in two weeks the election can be all but over after March 4th if Hillary Clinton loses either Texas or Ohio two states with alot of delegates and voters.

Democrats Obama Clinton
Total Delegates 1354 1263
Pledged Delegates 1185 1024
Popular Vote 10,175,212 9,279,313
Popular Vote (w/FL) 10,751,426 10,150,299
National RCP Average 45.7% 42.7%
Ohio 38.0% 52.7%
Texas 42.6% 50.2%

Two debates are scheduled and the first is tomorrow. This is the time to watch for a spitting cobra like Clinton to spew venom in Obama\’s eyes and try to bring him to his knees. Nothing more dangerous than a desperate Clinton in a losing Campaign. So, Obama needs to be careful and like a snake charmer hypnotize the snake and put it in a sealed basket before she strikes tomorrow.

The Obama Campaign Trail…

*all times Eastern

1:00 pm : Barack Obama attends a rally with voters in Dallas, Texas

1:30 pm : Michelle Obama holds a \”Women for Obama\” event in Providence, Rhode Island

5:45 pm : Michelle Obama holds a \”Stand for Change\” rally in Warwick, Rhode Island




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