Wisconsin Primary and Hawaiian Caucus Tomorrow

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) speaks at the annual Democartic Party of Wisconsin Founder\’s Day dinner in Milwaukee, Wisconsin February 16, 2008. REUTERS/Allen Fredrickson


Here we go again, another round of contests on Tuesday. So far Barack Obama has ran off eight straight wins and hopes to make it ten tomorrow. Obama has clearly campaigned in Wisconsin and has spent the most time. While Hillary Clinton spent much less time in Wisconsin she is still neck and neck in the pre polls.

Today both Obama and Clinton will be campaigning in Wisconsin and its up to the voters after today to decide. Also Hawaii which doesn\’t get much attention is holding its Caucus. Wisconsin has 92 valuable delegates at stake and Hawaii has 29.

Depending on tomorrow\’s results the spin game should be in high gear after tomorrow night to set the ground work for the March 4th primaries in which Texas, Ohio , Vermont, and Rhode Island go to the polls.


All Eastern Times:

12:20 pm: Barack Obama holds a press availability after touring a RTI International Metals in Niles, Ohio

2:00 pm: Barack Obama holds a \”Keeping America\’s Promise\” rally in Youngstown, Ohio

9:00 pm: Barack Obama holds a \”Stand for Change\” rally in Beloit, Wisconsin

Democrats Obama Clinton
Total Delegates 1302 1235
Pledged Delegates 1134 996
Popular Vote (w/FL) 10,110,654 9,701,596
National RCP Average 45.1% 44.6%
Wisconsin 46.3% 42.0%
Ohio 36.7% 54.0%
Texas 40.0% 50.3%

Delegate count totals from http://www.realclearpolitics.com/

Get Fired Up Wisconsin and Hawaii ! Its Showtime !

Feb. 19
Hawaii caucuses (Dems only) ��� Delegates: 29 Dem
Wisconsin primaries ��� Delegates: 92 Dem

Mar. 4
Ohio primaries ��� Delegates: 161 Dem
Rhode Island primaries ��� Delegates: 32 Dem
Texas primaries ��� Delegates: 228 Dems
Vermont primaries ��� Delegates: 23 Dems



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