What is \”Real Change\”? To Me…

A Barack Obama poster flanks students on stage cheering at a Barack Obama rally at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, in Honolulu, Friday, Feb 15, 2008.(AP Photo/Lucy Pemoni)

These are just some of the examples of \”Real Change\” that Barack Obama can bring to the White House after 20 years of both Clinton and Bush Administrations.

1) Having a President I Trust.

2) A President, that\’s last name doesn\’t end with Clinton or Bush.

3) The First African American President.

4) A President who has a vision for the future that includes Democrats,Independents, and Republicans.

5) A President who believes in making Healthcare more affordable for all Americans.

6)A President that will advocate for the people and balance the scales against Big Business Lobbyists.

7) A President who stood up against the Iraq War before it was popular to do so.

8) A President that morally and ethically is a good person and doesn\’t perpetuate division in government.

9) A leader that inspires people to do better and come together to solve problems.

10) A President that inspires people to believe in their dreams and work for it.

11) A President that will try to deescalate conflicts with adversaries by talking and using reason yet, at the same time carrying a Big Stick.

12) A President that understands the 21 century and technologies that will improve the life of Americans and create new jobs.

13) A President that can be an example of the whole World and repair bonds and friendships around the World that have been broken due to the Bush doctrine.

14) A President that will hold these truths self evident and lead by the Constitution not circumvent it.

15) A President that believes in the people.

Have a Happy and Great President\’s Day.


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