Hillary Clinton Throws a Hail Mary Pass…

From the Feb 5th \”Super Tuesday\” yard line Hillary Clinton throws a Hail Mary Pass across the United States to the March 4th \”Primary\” yard line. The Clintons have lost eight in a row and by next week will probably lose two more Wisconsin and Hawaii. The Clintons didn\’t plan on having to campaign after Feb 5th \”Super Tuesday\” and consequently weren\’t prepared on the ground to compete the last eight primaries and caucuses.

Now the Clintons are throwing their campaign in the air and hoping to connect on March 4th when Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island hold their primaries. Its a risky strategy but The Clintons are all in and after March 4th if they lose either Ohio or Texas they should really start to think about conceding their bid for the Democratic nomination and allow Obama to coalesce the Democratic Party and prepare for McCain.

Democrats Obama Clinton
Total Delegates 1276 1233
Pledged Delegates 1120 991
Popular Vote 9,332,720 8,648,569
Popular Vote (w/FL) 9,908,934 9,519,555
National RCP Average 44.6% 44.3%

Based upon http://www.realclearpolitics.com/



Feb. 19
Hawaii caucuses (Dems only) ��� Delegates: 29 Dem
Wisconsin primaries ��� Delegates: 92 Dem

Mar. 4
Ohio primaries ��� Delegates: 161 Dem
Rhode Island primaries ��� Delegates: 32 Dem
Texas primaries ��� Delegates: 228 Dems
Vermont primaries ��� Delegates: 23 Dems

Obama\’s Economic Policy Address at the Janesville GM Assembly Plant


The Youth Vote is a real factor in this election and I can\’t remember when I\’ve seen so many get involved…Way To Go!! Obama \’08

America\’s Youth Come Together for Obama


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