Today Obama is in Seattle, Washington holding a \”Stand For Change\” rally. I hope everyone gets out to the rally and Get Fired Up! Ready To Go !

The campaign was in Louisiana and Nebraska yesterday rallying supporters for the all important caucuses and primaries Feb 9th. Great crowds in both New Orleans and Omaha (10,000) as people get ready to vote this weekend.

The all important delegate count is tight , but we have come a long way and from way down to get where we are. Remember Clinton, is the established democrat with money, surrogates, deep political ties, and name recognition. The Clinton\’s have exploited all there advantages during the campaign including the kitchen sink, and yet Barack Obama has weathered the Clinton machine and leads in the current delegate count.

Hillary Clinton strategy has been Feb 5th \”Super Tuesday\’ and had expected to knock Obama down in one day. Well he\’s still standing, campaigning, raising money, gaining support, and moving ahead. I like our chances as long as people in each upcoming caucus state or primary gets involved and active and Fired Up! Obama\’s message does resonate with people and when he goes and personally delivers that message he does very well at the polls.

Get Fired Up ! Ready To Go ! FEB 9th – 12th

Feb. 9

Louisiana primariesDelegates:67 Dem
Nebraska caucuses (Dems only) — Delegates: 31 Dem
Washington caucusesDelegates:97 Dem

Feb. 10
Maine caucuses (Dems only) — Delegates: 34 Dem

Feb. 12
D.C. primariesDelegates: 37 Dem
Maryland primariesDelegates: 99 Dem
Virginia primariesDelegates: 101 Dem

Current pledged delegate count: 2,025 delegates needed to secure the nomination.

OBAMA- 876


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