It was a Good Night.. Super Tuesday

Remember Hillary Clinton was supposed to have been crowned the nominee of the Democratic Party by today Feb 6th . Clinton can only show a hundred point lead in the delegates right now and she lost more states. This is a great position for Obama to now take the campaign to the mid- Atlantic, Ohio, and Texas. Obviously being behind 20% points in polls like California and in Missouri only a month ago and to close the gap and take as much of the delegates away from Clinton is a victory.

The Campaign now focuses on the upcoming primaries which will be hotly contested like Virgina and Maryland. But Time is on Barack Obama\’s side…

Feb. 9
Kansas caucuses (GOP only) — Delegates: 39 GOP
Louisiana primaries — Delegates: 47 GOP/67 Dem
Nebraska caucuses (Dems only) — Delegates: 31 Dem
Washington caucuses — Delegates: 40 GOP/97 Dem

Feb. 10
Maine caucuses (Dems only) — Delegates: 34 Dem

Feb. 12
D.C. primaries — Delegates: 19 GOP/37 Dem
Maryland primaries — Delegates: 37 GOP/ 99 Dem
Virginia primaries — Delegates: 63 GOP/101 Dem

Feb. 19
Hawaii caucuses (Dems only) — Delegates: 29 Dem
Wisconsin primaries — Delegates: 40 GOP/92 Dem

Mar. 4
Ohio primaries — Delegates: 88 GOP/ 161 Dem
Rhode Island primaries — Delegates: 20 GOP/32 Dem
Texas primaries — Delegates: 140 GOP/228 Dems
Vermont primaries — Delegates: 17 GOP/23 Dems The Page, 8:00 AM


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