Hillary Clinton continues to deny her vote for War was a mistake…

John Edwards admits its a mistake, Sen. John Kerry admitted it was a mistake to invade Iraq. Hillary Clinton continues to deny the fact that her vote in 2002 was a vote for War. We all know there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq or at the least there was no imminent danger to the United States.

I remember during late 2002 Bush was already moving to get inspectors out. That was the time when Hillary with her superb experience should have questioned the Intel or at least looked closer at the National Intelligence Estimate and realized that there were some serious questions that needed to be raised before she cast that vote.

Hillary tries to play both sides of the fence one moment she damn the torpedoes and now its pointing fingers at everyone else but herself for the responsibility of invading Iraq. I can\’t understand why more people don\’t put her feet to the fire on this issue. She is making excuses about logistics and how it will take 18 months to remove troops. Bologna she can get most combat troops out of Iraq within a year.

Another time when she blamed everyone else was when her husband former President Bill Clinton got caught having oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office of the White House. Again she didn\’t blame the problems on Bill but a vast right wing conspiracy. Isn\’t there a pattern here of denial.

I just hope by this time next year Barack Obama and his wife Michelle and two girls are living in the White House and we can have a President we can TRUST and know will LEAD WITH DIGNITY… OBAMA \’08


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