Hillary Clinton Abandons The South Again…

Barack Obama is campaigning hard in South Carolina. Yesterday he stopped at four locations in this State and is covering 3 more locations today. Obama is not leaving a stone uncovered in the State as he campaigns hard for white, black, democrat, independent, and republicans all across South Carolina.

I saw the crowd at Greenwood and I got to see the Lexington rally when it was ending yesterday and the crowds are large and diverse. Despite what the media is reporting nationally I can say first hand at two of the events I saw yesterday it was almost half white and half black. I\’m a white man and I support Obama on the issues and I believe he will be the best candidate to lead this country. The white people I saw at Obama\’s town hall and rallies are there to here Obama\’s message and how he is going to pull Washington and the people together to solve problems. The National media is making a spectacle about race issues rather than the serious problems that plague South Carolina and the concerns of both black and white.

BTW…Where is Hillary Clinton? Yesterday Bill Clinton staked out a local restaurant and sat at a booth all day shaking hands. In the meantime many people pulled into the parking lot not realizing Bill was in there as soon as they noticed he was inside many people peeled out the parking lot…Hillary left Arkansas 8 years ago and the South for that matter and today she has abandoned the South again. Hillary and Bill run with a more elite class of democrats and aren\’t too concerned with hearing from working Southern democrats or working Americans around the country…

Hillary Clinton isn\’t even listening to the people of South Carolina. I predict she is going to lose by a land slide from a fervor of white and black South Carolinians that want to elect a politician that at least shows that they care about the issues that are negatively affecting there everyday lives.


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