True Grit… Barack Obama

Last night Barack Obama showed his True Grit. He came back at Hillary, He stood up against the politics of personal destruction. Hillary and Clinton over the last month have muddied the campaign and debates with personal attacks on Barack Obama by allowing surrogates to insinuate false perceptions about Obama\’s teenage years and his indiscretions he admitted in his book or his position on Iraq and his opposition to the invasion of Iraq. Calling Obama\’s position before the Iraq War a \”Fairy Tale\”, Bill I saw the tape and the speech I know what you were talking about and it was more than Iraq…

Hillary has left South Carolina and won\’t be back till Friday, In the meantime she left Bad Cop Bill Clinton to travel unleashed in the State. I think it shows Hillary Clinton has conceded the South and rural voters also, the vast African American Vote a powerful continuance of the Democratic Party. She is flown west to shore up her support and left the South and Middle America.

Barack Obama comes out of South Carolina with a Win he is 2 for 2 for contested States, he will be leading in the Delegate Count, he will have the momentum and the confidence to carry his message more effectively with the campaign growing and growing with endorsements, donations, and sure determination by individuals all across America. That want CHANGE!



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