Traveling Ideas…SPAIN

Nestled along the northeast coast of Spain are three seaside destinations Costa Brava , Costa Blanca , Benidorm.

In the northeastern part of Spain connecting France and Spain is the area called Costa Brava about 60 km of beautiful sandy beaches and rugged cliffs. You\’ll find affordable hotels, great restaurants, and water activities all along the beaches in Costa Brava. To find out more information on hotel rates go to :

Another excellent beach area along the Mediterranean is Costa Blanca 200 km of beaches and small villages. The waters along Costa Blanca are some of the clearest in the Mediterranean. Many hotels and activities await travelers who want to experience Spanish hospitality.

Also the city of Benidorm along the Mediterranean coast in Spain offers high rises and Nightlife that will entertain travelers round the clock. Golf courses, Fine restaurants, and Beaches await you in Benidorm. Benidorm is the most populous city in the province of Alicante, Spain.

To plan your trip to COSTA BRAVA, COSTA BLANCA, AND BENIDORM go to:


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