Whats good for the GOOSE is good for the GANDER…Bill Clinton gets upset about Nevada Caucuses

Today Bill Clinton was asked about a law suit supported by Clinton Supporters to close Caucuses that are near people\’s workplaces in Las Vegas.

A couple of weeks ago this was a non issue. Then the Culinary Union endorsed Obama and now the Clinton\’s and Supporters are calling Caucuses foul.

If the Endorsement from the Culinary Union had been for Hillary Clinton you would have heard a different tune from the Clintons.

Bill Clinton commented that the law suit is not sponsored by the Clinton campaign but by the teachers union. How many teachers work on Saturday?Stupid.

Bill Clinton over the last two weeks seems to be an angry EX-PRESIDENT all the time…


Courts side with OBAMA on Nevada Caucus Sites

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – A federal judge on Thursday allowed Nevada\’s Democratic Party to conduct voting to choose a U.S. presidential nominee in casino hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, a decision likely to boost Sen. Barack Obama.

For the first time, Nevada Democrats planned to set up nine locations for Saturday\’s vote so casino shift workers — who are largely represented by a union that endorsed Obama — could express their preference for a Democratic Party candidate before the November presidential election.

A teachers\’ group filed a lawsuit saying the exception for the casino workers\’ vote was unfair, but Judge James Mahan of the U.S. District Court for Nevada disagreed and declined to issue a temporary injunction.


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