Clinton and Edwards Talk the Talk but Don\’t Walk the Walk…

My New Years Resolution is to support and vote for the Next President of the United States Barack Obama!

One bit of unfortunate news lately coming out of Iowa is the reported spending by both Clinton and Edwards from outside organizations. These organizations are bringing outside money from outside the normal campaign fund raising process and spending on air time and political ads that i believe subvert the political process in Iowa.

Both Clinton and Edwards talk about change and reforming Washington but the proof is in the pudding. Both Clinton and Edwards are fully engaged and helping these special interest groups spend over $2,000,000 on each of their campaigns in Iowa.

Clinton and Edwards are accepting the money and support from these groups . What ever happened to standing up to big corporations and the strong lobbyists of Washington. Looks like the two are gearing up to embrace the corrupt deal making of Washington instead of setting the example. Clinton and Edwards sure can talk the talk but don\’t walk the walk…

Barack Obama on the other hand is showing real character in not advocating or using any money from special interest groups to subsidize his Presidential Campaign in Iowa. He is not allowing special funny money to influence his campaign rather finance his political ads and TV time with donated money from REAL WORKING AMERICANS LIKE ME!

Caucus Iowa For Obama!!


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