Barack Obama a Safe Bet for A Safer World…

Barack Obama has been speaking at standing room only halls and town meetings all over Iowa and New Hampshire on this last week before the caucuses. You can\’t deny that people are paying close attention to Barack Obama while he explains the importance of new leadership and real change.

Also today we are more acutely aware of the dangers in the Middle East after learning the news out of Pakistan. Pakistan is a double edged sword it is an ally yet at the same time harbors Islamic Extremists….Remember it was Barack Obama who has said he would go after these extremists even if they are hiding across the Afghan and Pakistan border…While others like Hillary Clinton and George Bush have laughed at such measures going after Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden they would rather not upset our ally while Great Evil strengthens just over the border..AGAIN OBAMA IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO HAS SAID HE WOULD NOT RULE OUT MILITARY ACTIONS AGAINST AL- QAEDA IN PAKISTAN…who do you trust to keep you safe?..Vote Obama \’08 \”A Safer World for a Stronger America\”

Today Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Pakistan and Obama released this response to the tragedy…

Barack Obama:

I am shocked and saddened by the death of Benazir Bhutto in this terrorist atrocity. She was a respected and resilient advocate for the democratic aspirations of the Pakistani people. We join with them in mourning her loss, and stand with them in their quest for democracy and against the terrorists who threaten the common security of the world.


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