To The Wire…Iowa

We are fast approaching the wire in Iowa…So it\’s time…

It\’s now the day after Christmas and the Campaign is going to the wire with Hillary Clinton and John Edwards in Iowa. Many people at this time have already decided and yet there are still many more people who haven\’t decided on a candidate. This is the last week before the Caucuses begin and its a crucial time to try to gain more support from the undecided.

This is when the Obama campaign has to shore up its supporters and get people communicating and motivated to get to the caucuses this is the time to reach out, it\’s that time to reach out to friends, family, and neighbors and ask them to caucus for Obama, it\’s that time to call a supporter and confirm to be at the caucus 1/3 , it\’s that time to call or drive down to an Obama office and ask what can I do, It\’s that time to organize, organize, and more organization….IT\’S TIME IOWA TO GET FIRED UP! READY TO GO!!

For every person under the age of 35 ….please caucus,please stand by your convictions CAUCUS…The HOTTEST TICKET IN TOWN IS COMING 1/3 DON\’T MISS IT…GET OUT AND CAUCUS…The youth of America its your time to come out and show you do believe you do care…if you don\’t caucus or vote you have no voice….So get out there 1/3 don\’t be afraid don\’t let distractions take away your moment to be counted…CAUCUS 1/3….

I am in South Carolina and support all of you great people supporting Barack Obama and this is our moment to really make a change in our lives…



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