Lets Go Iowa !….FIRED UP! READY TO GO!

Keep the Momentum going….Vote Obama \”08

In Just Three weeks the DREAM BEGINS TO COME TRUE…

Fired Up!Ready To Go! Lets Go Iowa!!

Top Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisor Resigns…

Bill Shaheen a top political campaign adviser in New Hampshire has resigned a day after suggesting Obama sold drugs and shared cocaine.

For one this is classical Clinton politics. The Clinton campaign is now worried about losing Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. So, the Clinton Campaign has initiated rumors that Obama is Muslim..NOT TRUE…That he wrote essays in Kindergarten expressing he wanted to be president..BIG DEAL….Now, the Clintons are using surrogates in the campaign to spread further innuendos about Obama\’s drug use..

Obama has written and spoke about his limited drug use during his younger years and has explained how he moved on in life and has become a great father and successful civil servant.

This is the kind of campaign the Clinton\’s represent…They will use any means or say anything in order to get Hillary and Bill back in the White House…

Vote Obama \”08 \”Lets Go Change The World\”


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