New South Carolina Poll has Obama and Clinton at a near tie!!

New SC poll: Obama closes on Clinton, Huckabee \’makes it onto the radar\’

A new poll suggests the presidential nomination races in South Carolina are getting as tight as those in Iowa. The Clemson University Palmetto Poll finds many people are still undecided — including about a quarter of Republicans and half of Democrats. Among voters who have a favorite:

The top three Democrats are Hillary Clinton (19%), Barack Obama (17%) and John Edwards (12%). In the same poll in September, Clinton led Obama 26%-16%.

The top three Republicans are Mitt Romney (17%), Fred Thompson (15%) and Mike Huckabee (13%). Huckabee has \”made it onto the radar\” in South Carolina while Rudy Giuliani has dropped, says David Woodard, a political scientist at Clemson.

You can read more about the Clemson poll here. South Carolina Republicans hold their primary Jan. 19; Democrats vote a week later on Jan. 26. Click here to read our post earlier today about the close races in Iowa.

Posted by Jill Lawrence at 02:54 PM/ET, November 29, 2007 in Polls, Presidential race, 2008, Primaries

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