Hillary Proclaims Her Crown On CBS NEWS

Watching Hillary Clinton with Katie Couric proclaim she has already won the Democratic nomination just makes me sick. How arrogant can you be? It\’s almost as if she has the game rigged or like a child that whines me all me and gets whatever she wants.

Hillary Clinton is so full of herself and if people don\’t wake up and see that Hillary Clinton is not running for President to help this Country but to further her own personal self -aggrandizing. We will have another Clinton in the White House that is looking out for the special interests of big money and corrupt politics.

We are going to be trapped in the politics of usual in which the Clinton\’s and the Bush\’s continue to force feed us a bunch of ox-dung. We will never grow and change into the country that President Reagan once described as \” A shining City on the Hill\”. Instead we will become dreary and filthy under the leadership of Hillary Clinton.

Please take stock in \”08 and ask yourself isn\’t time not to be afraid to really change and take a new path that is fresh with ideas and hope.

Vote Obama \’08 \”Lets Go Change The World\”


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