Clinton Campaign Showing Cracks In Iowa…

The Clinton campaign is now disseminating information that suggests they concede Iowa to Obama. Here\’s an article BY JENNIFER HUNTER Sun-Times Columnist

Is Hillary running scared in Iowa? The latest poll from the Washington Post and ABC News shows Barack Obama ahead in the Hawkeye State, slightly in the lead with 30 percent to Hillary Clinton\’s 26 percent. Although this is statistically a tie — it has been a horse race among Obama, Clinton and John Edwards for the last few months — it is the first poll in months actually showing Obama in the lead.

And Hillary Clinton must be worried.

Over the last few weeks, the New York senator has beefed up her Iowa field staff and opened new offices. She now has 34 offices, compared with Obama\’s 35.

The difference is Obama started his campaign in Iowa right off the bat, renting dozens of locales for offices and making sure his field workers developed strong relations with the residents in towns and cities across the state. That\’s the key in this first caucus state, cultivating caucus-goers, making a personal pitch and getting them to sign a support card.

And it was something Edwards understood as the former North Carolina senator started campaigning almost right after the 2004 race, which he and presidential running mate John Kerry lost. Edwards subsequently spent a lot of time in Iowa, visiting all 99 counties. He has been in the cornfield state more than any other candidate, a total of 61 days.

Obama has visited Iowa 33 times; Hillary Clinton has taken 27 trips there, but as Drake University political science Professor Dennis Goldford notes, she already had name recognition. (Goldford is an expert in Iowa caucuses.)

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