Clinton Campaign involved in Innuendo and Insinuation

Today Bob Novak wrote a two paragraph piece in The New York Post that implies that Clinton campaign agents are spreading rumors and innuendos that they have a scandalous story about Barack Obama.

Now this is the kind of stuff that sets me off!! I have seen first hand the politics of self destruction by the Bush campaign in South Carolina during the 2000 race against John McCain and how they were able to disseminate rumors about McCain that destroyed McCain\’s chances in South Carolina.

Now the Clinton campaign is using the same swift boat tactics and destructive rumors that the Bush camp used in 2004. This is no surprise because the Clinton\’s are so incredulous and ambitious enough to stoop so low in politics that anyone that gets in there way will be a target of lies, rumors, and innuendos.

If they have something and want to throw mud then get it out don\’t slither in the trash and whisper into the ears of Bob Novak.

This is just another example of the Clinton\’s. I just wish people will open there eyes to the real Clinton\’s before its too late.

Here\’s a response by Obama about the piece that Novak wrote.

“During our debate in Las Vegas on Thursday, we heard Senator Clinton rail against the politics of ‘throwing mud.’

“At the very same time, in Washington, Robert Novak was publishing a column in which he reported the following: ‘Agents of Sen. Hillary Clinton are spreading the word in Democratic circles that she has scandalous information about her principal opponent for the party’s presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama…’

“The item did not identify these ‘agents,’ nor did it reveal the nature of the charge. It was devoid of facts, but heavy on innuendo and insinuation of the sort to which we’ve become all too accustomed in our politics these past two decades. If the purpose of this shameless item was to daunt or discourage me or supporters of our campaign from challenging and changing the politics of Washington, it will fail. In fact, it will only serve to steel our resolve.

“But in the interest of our party, and her own reputation, Senator Clinton should either make public any and all information referred to in the item, or concede the truth: that there is none.

“She of all people, having complained so often about ‘the politics of personal destruction,’ should move quickly to either stand by or renounce these tactics.

“I am prepared to stand up to that kind of politics, whether it’s deployed by candidates in our party, in the other party or by any third party.

“The cause of change in this country will not be deterred or sidetracked by the old ‘Swift boat’ politics. The cause of moving America forward demands that we defeat it.”


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